Pay roll processing & allied services.

Future source consultancy can provide you business insights on Payroll services that is beyond just paying off checks to employees. This helps your human resources to a new level. We ensure your organization has neat payroll services with accuracy.

Registration Services

We provide registration services for your new brand. From registration your contract labour licence, shop & commercial space we take care of registering ESI & PF that is required to keep your organization genuine and provide your employees with top notch savings plans.

Statutory Compliance & Liaisoning with goverment dept.

Future Source Consultancy provides your organisation with statutory compliance. When it gets harder to manage your statutory compliance in your organisation we provide you hassle free service.

Regular maintenance of statutory records

Future Source Consultancy provides your organisation with regular maintenance of Statutory Records. These records are very important to an organisation to function flawlessly. To safe guarding statutory records of your company we are here for you.

Contract labour outsourcing

Future Source Consultancy provides you contract labours. Every Small or large organisations finds it difficult to find a skilled workforce since it is a huge task to employ a large number of people at the same time along with running the organisation smoothly.

Placement & Recruitment

Future source is leading consultancy service in Mangalore which provides placement & recruitment services. We take care of recruiting the best candidates suitable for your organization and handpick our candidates and find a perfect job profile keeping their best interest at heart.

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